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Monday, 30 April 2012

Cornish Pasties



Unhelpful commentary to start with: I didn't make these myself (this is all Fred's doing), and there's no specific recipe that's worth following from start to finish. What's best is to look for the ingredients and techniques that suit your end goal - it's a lot easier than it looks and it's a very flexible piece of food stuff.*

HOWEVER to be more specific: this batch (of which there were NINE, most of them ending up in the freezer for later consumption) were made with Gordon Ramsey's shortcrust pastry recipe (4 parts flour, 2 parts fat, 1 part water) and overall technique/ingredients/cooking advice from YouTube user martintennant's mum, who uses a traditional mix of skirt steak, onion, pepper, salt, potato, carrot, swede/rutabaga and leek.  That lady has been making Cornish pasties for decades, and she knows her stuff. Heed every part of her wisdom before you give your own a spin.

And of course, they tasted fantastic.

Bonus cultural education link: The Cornish Pasty, a documentary.

*(to the best of my knowledge they can even be vegan, just switch out the butter with margarine and load it up with potato, vegetables and spices)