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Monday, 20 February 2012

Thrifting Mojo Returns!

I think I'm back on track with my thrifting schedule now that I've a) donated a whole bunch of things and b) have a lot more energy. Good times are here once again.

Baby crap bought from our local brand spanking new Goodwill Plaza - two crib sheets and three varying-in-size onesies for just under $8 in total. The green one is from a Carter's John Lennon range, and thus says "Imagine all the people". Cute, slightly athiest AND philosophical.

Used books from Maxwell's. We don't shop here nearly enough, and they have a wide range of books - from kind-of-rare to $2 science fiction paperbacks. My choice out of this pile is the predictable "Letters of a Woman Homesteader". IMPORTANT NOTE: please do not worry, I am not remotely turning into a fundie Christian. I just really enjoy reading about that era, especially it's impact on women.

Old and classic knitting patterns that needed saving, $2.25 of one of my favorite brands of yarn, and a $0.75 embroidery hoop (still not a fundie, just like making stuff) for my first attempts at making tiny crosses on fabric.

$1 of button porn. I have a jar I'm trying to fill to make a button stash for the future, and when I examined the ziploc these came in and saw the teacher/graduate owls (on the far right), there was no way I could let them go. They're now unquestionably heading for a cardigan related future. Perhaps this pattern.

The tiki masks (?) are a bit unexpected. Not sure if I could pull those off on a garment for me, and there's only four of them. Maybe something for the kid? I have no ideas. If in complete crisis, I'd put good money on Ravelry having a button swap group. Someone, possibly less white than I, could put them to good use.

I'd given these buttons the side eye last year but didn't expect to see them still hanging around in the store. They're mushroom shaped, made in Japan and kind of... squishy, almost like gummy candy? But not. I have no idea what I'll use these for, but I know I was meant to have them. Even if they are pink.

And something for the man of the house. Because he sat around in that thrift store forever waiting for me to be done. Once again: I love that our thrift store sells magazines and all thrift stores should do this.

Also bought but not photographed: a mint condition $1 copy of Roald Dahl/Quentin Blake's The Enormous Crocodile and a battered copy of Super Baby Foods. Not easy to photograph, and while useful and awesome, not interesting enough to take up more visual retail here.

Unrelated note: still haven't mown the backyard. We'll do that next weekend. Suuure.

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