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Friday, 17 February 2012

Spring in February

[top to bottom: 1) succulents a-sprouting | 2) an unknown wildflower, seeded before the October rains | 3) Dai Mao beneath the grapefruit tree | 4) honeybee aloft a bok choy flower | 5) the first ever flower on my Alpine strawberry plant, originally started January 2011 | 6) Cour Di Bue cabbage]

As you might notice, everything still needs a good weeding and mulching. It rained again last weekend, not something I'm liable to complain about as this has been a dry winter, but it does prevent any kind of taming of the weeds. The bees are loving it, and that's enough for now. Hoping to put a bit of work into it over the weekend so that I can take a long overdue wide shot of everything and make some notes about our raised bed arrangement.

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  1. It's so green and sunny in your backyard. I might come and live there. :-) Everything looks great!