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Thursday, 22 September 2011


The end of a season is imminent - these are the roots of my Goldman's Italian American tomato plant. Here it is back in March, and then again in July. How far we came together - this particular plant was a conservative bearer, but the fruits are luscious and meaty, and gave us the right amount of fruit for eating and preserving. Highly recommended, and shall hopefully be grown again.

Left in the ground: the Better Boy (meh, would not buy again), a late English variety called Moneymakers (good for small spaces and BLT sandwiches), the Marianna's Peace (which really needs to be pulled) and the Chadwick Cherry (more on that later, it has exploded and has at least another month in it). Plus the Gold Rush squash, a zucchini plant which is running out of room faster than it is life, a miscellaneous volunteer tomato and a miscellaneous winter squash vine I grew from the seed of an acorn squash.

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