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Monday, 19 September 2011

Autumn Incoming

[images above: 1) practically-antique yarn I scored from an estate sale, 2) the blanket in question] 

During the dead of the summer it feels impossible to write anything down. A week of over a hundred degrees and just... ugh. Why bother. Besides, it's impossible to garden or make anything large, so there's barely any content to go around. But with incoming cooler temperatures - and I'd never thought I'd think of 80 degrees as "cool", but there you go - back come the blanket making days. The above is a basic rectangular granny blanket with practically-antique yarn bought at an estate sale. My only real intention is to clear some space in the house, so I'm trying to ignore the niggling thought that this might not be something I'm completely in love with. But the yarn is holding up well, and the colour combination makes it honest-to-god vintage styling. So I'm not hating, just waiting.

 The lettuce and cabbage and spinach and kale days are incoming. But it's still too warm for now, and there are still raised beds to build. So for now, we have distributed this giant pile of mulch into separate piles across the yard, in order to redistribute them around trees and raised beds over the next few months. That was enough of a task for September. By November, I should have much more on show: seedlings and succulents and hopefully grass. I miss grass. My feet miss grass. Let it rain, and let there be grass.

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