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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Scrap Granny Square Blanket

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I finished this waaaay back in May, but then got lazy and forgot to upload any photographs or even really acknowledge it's existence until the weather turned hot the other week. It's a mix of leftover yarns that needed to be turned into something useful instead of taking up space around the house - the only exception being the white acrylic/wool mix (Plymouth Encore) that I purposely bought from my LYS to use as binder colour. Now I can crochet a granny square with my hands tied behind my back, something like this is great experiment in assembling something cogent from a mess. It doesn't always work - some of the scrap used in the centers of each square really does not go with the turquoise/yellow/orange combination, but whatever man, that's just my opinion. It looks good enough, and because it's weighty without being too warm, makes for a great summer blanket to sleep benath.

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