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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Madia Elegans

This plant just appeared during the spring. I let it be, because it was taking up a corner of the yard that wasn't in use, and hey, maybe it would be pretty! You never know unless you try, and it turned out to be massive and pretty all at the same time.It did a good job making use of a neglected space (we're planning on paving over that corner and fixing the gate... soon), and the flower are lovely. And when it's done, it will go to the great compost bin in the sky. This yard continues to surprise me with a wealth of  interesting plants that grow and thrive without any human intervention.

[note on the name: I only recently managed to somewhat-identify it via the excellent California native plant blog Town Mouse and Country Mouse - apparently they aren't supposed to grow so large (this is at least seven foot tall), and only do so with heaps of water and good soil, neither of which I thought was present in that spot!]

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