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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Knitting: Vintage Knitted Hood Sacque

[Pattern | Ravelry page]

I started knitting about six months ago with the intent to make my own cardigans for winter. It's frustrating to find the kind of clothes I want (simple with a specific sleeve length) so it seemed the natural solution, no matter how hard the learning process might be. While it might seem a little odd to make baby clothes without having a specific infant in mind, finding patterns for smaller people means that you learn the essentials of shaping without spending too much time on the actual garment.

This still took me over a month to complete.

But I got there in the end - and as a result of all the grinding through the bulk of the piece, I learned that most of the time stitch patterns are interchangeable, and I should have substituted k1p1 for straight stockinette with ribbing, or even garter stitch, just to make it all go a faster. In the future (when I actually have a child to clothe), I think I'll rework it in a different stitch pattern - only one other person on Ravelry has made this (which makes no sense! It's a free pattern! And easy!) so the gallery needs filling out.

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