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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Tomato Update: Almost Ready!

The tomatoes are ripening in Southern California! All hail July! The one pictured above is a Better Boy. A comparison shot to earlier in the year:

The transplants I bought from the local nursery have grown to well over 5 foot tall, and my from-seeds are rapidly catching up.

Some Goldman Italian American action. These are destined for canning: either pastes or sauces. Look at those ribs!

The Marianna's Peace (the story of their trip to North America is worth a read) was the first to grow, and should be picked for eating on Friday soon:

and there are plenty more coming:

I've already eaten two Chadwick cherry tomatoes that had ripened over the holiday weekend, and they were pretty good. Lots more coming, this ended up being one of my strongest from-seed plants:

I don't know how or why this tomato plant decided to grow, and I have no clue as to what it is (my theory was that it's another Chadwick, but the fruit is too large), but I'm willing to accept it's existence beneath the cinderblock zucchini, and keep it watered.

The beefsteaks (fairly generic ones, looking forward to growing more heirloom varieties next year) are harder to photograph because they're either sprawling or tucked up right inside the tomato cage. Their behaviour exposed my lack of caging experience, but they're doing well.

This Moneymaker is a survivor. Originally I had considered pulling it up to let it's sister grab more of the nutrients as it was rather sickly: the leaves were fuzzy and the flowers just malformed. But now it's fruiting, I'll let it carry on. Not entirely sure the resulting tomatoes will be good however:

They're certainly a lot paler than the other tomatoes. I've been monitoring them carefully.

So I'll be harvesting these either today or tomorrow, and the larger Marianna's Peace is headed for a Friday night tortilla. The Better Boys will be lunch, perhaps turned into a mini version of Matt's Heirloom Tomato Salsa Fresca with some cucumber for good measure (seriously, how good does that look?).

By August, I hope to be canning. Eek.

[note: I link to Baker Creek not because I'm affiliated with them in any way, but because this is where I bought the seeds that the plants came from. None of this post is paid for. However: that's not to say I wouldn't accept free seeds. I love free seeds, especially heirloom non-GMO free seeds. If you have seeds you want to give me, please contact me and I'll grow them next year with your name on a little label next to the results.]

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