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Friday, 15 July 2011

Today I went to the Thrift Store and I got...

A Kodak Instamatic X-35 camera! Not entirely sure how good a find this is, as the red lining is falling into dust and I'm pretty sure that you can't buy film for it. But it was $3, it's got that classic red/white/black design that I love so much and it's made in America. Well worth saving from the landfill, even if it's only to hang on the wall and admire as a cheap relic of past times.

And then there were these:

4 sets of DPN knitting needles for $1.75 each! Original packaging and everything (which is going to kill me to throw into the recycling dammit)! My local thrift store always has a great selection of crafting goods, and today was no exception: too many knitting needles for me to even think about buying beyond those I genuinely needed. Being that DPNs tend to retail for around $8-10 a bundle, I've saved a fairly significant amount of cash here. w00t! Onwards with the making of tubes!

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