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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Some More Tomatoes

[Better Boy tomatoes, heaviest weight: 0.98lbs, the plastic fork is just to show the size]

Seems as if the first Better Boy tomato was misleading in taste/damage - I had another yesterday and it was much meatier. These are the next bunch to come off the plant, and I think they're looking great. Heirloom/organic tomatoes around our way tend to be about $3/lb, so this plant has already made back the $5 I paid for it (making our own compost and using very little fertiliser keeps the costs down too). Not sure how these will end up, but I'd hazard a guess they'll be eaten by the end of the week.

Sidenote: I would have left them a little longer but something in my garden has a taste for my tomatoes this week. I swore quite loudly when I saw this damage - whatever it was (probably a ground squirrel) should have just taken the whole thing with it. Such a waste. But less of a waste if we didn't compost.

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  1. Never had much luck with large tomatoes, unless I smother them with chemicals - yuk! But have had good success with Cherry Tomatoes.