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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Gardens of San Francisco Zoo

July 4th weekend brought with it a trip up to the Bay area to visit with the in laws - and on Friday we took some of the younger members of the family to the San Francisco Zoo. I won't bore everyone with holiday snaps, but one of the unexpected discoveries was how important plant conservation is to the look of the whole park. Great swaths of the zoo are shaded by trees and paths are dotted with drought tolerant plants, and as a result, the zoo uses very little water to maintain it's landscaping and it's patrons get very little sunburn.

They also maintain a basic vegetable garden that I forgot to take photographs of (just standard raised beds with summer vegetables, nothing special). I took note of the beehive...

...it was super active!

So along with the penguins and tigers and bears, I had a jolly good time considering applying their efforts to my own yard. Especially the bee-friendly flowers. At this time of the year all I can really do is plan future planting, it's ridiculously hot out there, and that doesn't lead to much physical productivity. Roll on October.

[If you want to see said penguins and tigers and bears, I'm keeping them in their own photogallery. The basic UI isn't great. Working on it.]

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