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Thursday, 7 July 2011

First Tomatoes

OK, so technically the Chadwick cherry tomatoes are the first (eaten on Monday), but there were only two, they're smaller tomatoes and I don't have any photographs. So these to me are the first proper tomatoes.

On the left are the infamous Marianna's Peace. On the right are the Better Boy. They look great! Lovely red tomatoes, still warm from the sun.

Unfortunately this is what was inside one of the Better Boys...

Oh dear. I don't know what that is, and I'm almost hesitant to ask. Is it a bug? Are they insect eggs (kind of looks like crumbly sand)? Is it just where an animal or insect got in, had a snack and walked off?

Safe to say, that chunk went straight into the compost bin. I did slice off the other half, as it looked *okay* and had a taste. It wasn't great. It could be that it was picked a little too early, or because it's not grown from seed, or because it's a blander variety (and not heirloom). If the rest turn out the same, they'll be funnelled into canned soup and not eaten raw on the table.

When it came to the Marianna's Peace, a quick bite turned into "I will eat this whole damn tomato" and it was gone within the minute. Sweet, creamy and juicy. The kind of tomato that sells in the local grocery store for $2.99/lb. Absolutely flawless! I weighed the larger one, and it came to 0.93lbs, so I have now met my base standard for tomato growing - great tasting, visually attractive and around 1lb or so per fruit. I couldn't be happier.

Well, until I saw that one of my beefsteak tomatoes had blossom end rot.

Boo. It seems to be an isolated case, but I'm having similar issues with my straight squash because they seem a little pickier for nutrients than my regular zucchini. We have plenty to eat from the other plants this year, so I'll take this as a learning experience and add some more fertiliser and egg shells to the soils over the weekend.

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