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Friday, 17 June 2011

Something Red

While scarves are not often called for in the desert, it can get cold. Usually at night, and usually while sitting stationary in front of one's glowing internet box. So one thing essential to my Southern California survival pack is a wide selection of removable warm layers. Hoodies, handwarmers and leggings rather than sweaters, gloves and socks. And in my case, I quite like hoodies with short sleeves and a little airflow. A few months ago I lined up the free V neck topper pattern on Ravelry, but it was only when I saw Lambs Pride Worsted on sale at Little Knits* last week that I decided to get cracking on making it a reality.

As of today, I've just started building the sleeves:

So far, it's a fairly simple pattern as long as you keep an eye on the stitch count, even with the introduction of "dsst", which is basically working a decrease stitch twice over the center of two other stitches.

...OK, that doesn't sound easy at all, but as with anything in the fibre based field of crafting, giving yourself a few minutes to fail nearly always ends in success. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep the neckline the same, as I like clothes super basic, but I'll see how I feel after I've finished the front part. When it comes to the yarn, for all the obvious itch factor the stitch definition and the colour depth is glorious. I'm thoroughly enjoying using it, and while I'm not a massive fan of mohair, I'm definitely intending on exploring the Brown Sheep brand a little further.

*Highly recommended simply for the discounts, the shipping speed and the skill in which they safely pack your order. Unfortunate disclaimer: nothing here is the result of payment or compensation, I just think these things are good.

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