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Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Beginnings of June 2011

[from top to bottom: 1) Salad Bush cucumbers / 2) Better Boy tomatoes / 3) Cascade variety hops, overachieving / 4) Sugar Baby Watermelon, underachieving but growing in strength every day ]

June is the month of no return: we're getting a steady, almost daily harvest of squash, and the rest of the garden is now catching up and giving something back to us. The cucumbers are flowering, the birds are busy eating all the bugs, the apricots have yet to ripen (I am so impatient for them!), the persimmons have seemingly avoided mealy bugs this year, the hops needed yet more strings to climb, the watermelon looks likely to fruit, and the tomatoes. The tomatoes are beautiful. I might not have a 100% success rate with all of my plants, but it's not half bad at the moment.


  1. thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. you have an excellent patch of land too! this particular post makes me wish i had my hands in the dirt more recently, especially when it comes to planting edibles. i am always working on terrariums and am a succulent planting machine. you have inspired me! xoxo b

  2. Woopwoop! You just wait until next year... wait, we probably all say this. *shakes fist at sky*

  3. Garden looks great. Cascade hops are a love of mine with my brewing, I'm assuming you brew also? When did you plant the tomato?

  4. I don't brew, but my husband has friends who do, and hops are apparently the most expensive part of the process. So having the space, it makes it easy for him to get free beer. They grow crazy easy, although I think for the amount he puts in, he should start brewing himself to get more back.

    re: tomatoes, this is my second year trying, and I started them from seed in January, planted in the ground at the end of March. Learned a lot this year, and had quite a lot of failures (especially re: hardening off in the sun, stupid random heatwave), so the one pictured is a transplant, but I have Beefsteaks, Moneymakers, Goldman Italian Americans and Chadwick Cherry tomatoes from seed. Next year should be better, I *really* need to try Cherokees.

    I'll do an update soon on the plants now they're all fruiting. Some of them are out of control! :D

  5. Nice. Using those hops fresh right off the vine in late August/Early September gives a beer far superior to any using dried hops. I'll check back for an updated post. I need to do updates also!