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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Cat and the Jasmine Plant

Summer creeps in, slowly but surely. Dai Mao has chosen one of the Jasmine plants as her shady spot during the height of the day.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Mid-April 2011

[From top to bottom: 1) the garden today, April 2011 / 2) Loki the neighbourcat / 3) hops plant - Cascade variety / 4) last minute decision to plant a cucumber plant or two / 5) Anaheim pepper & Black cherry tomato transplants]

Currently working on:
  • The raised bed area. It's weedy, uneven (I keep twisting my ankle!), the squash are rapidly outgrowing their starter pots and it's the last visibly untidy part of the garden. When we conquer this section, we have the trash pile to go, and then we're kings of the yard.
  • Keeping the aphids off my tomato plants. They almost destroyed my otherwise healthy Italian American plant, as well as my sanity. I was recommended Safer by a good friend, and it seems to be working - things are bouncing back. For some reason the ladybugs just aren't in the yard this year.
  • Filling the side yard with inexpensive plants. Succulents are being picked up month by month, and I'm in need of an aparagus fern. I've planted some strawberries. Yet this is not enough. I need more mulch, more flowers, more coverage to stave off the weeds. It often feels like a larger project than the entire back yard. I'm so glad it gets easier every year.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Unexpected Flower

Shortly after we moved into the house in 2009, there was a rainstorm, and shortly after the rainstorm, I noticed this growing. I did not, however, expect this plant to flower... let alone be something as grandiose as a Calla Lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica). Seems to be doing alright by itself, but I'll give it another round of mulch before the summer, just to keep it comfortable.

The portion of garden it's growing in is a very narrow flowerbed (usually shaded, with a flat tyred wheelbarrow in the way, impossible to photograph at the moment), so it's raising a few possibilities in terms of mini-landscaping. I was thinking of planting some strawberry transplants in there (they self seed, grow like crazy and fruit for two years), but with a visit to the garden center imminent, I'm going to be looking at a larger plant just to balance out the Calla's height. Larger, crazy, lilies with big green leaves. Leading the way to replacing all those bloody weeds with pretty flowers for the bees.

Monday, 4 April 2011

March/April 2011

Might be a futile task trying to grow spinach and other leafy greens this late in the year, but it's great practice for when it's time to plant them properly (December, allegedly). The squash might have come later than I expected, but they're strong and plentiful - much better than the tomatoes are faring against the onslaught of spring aphids. I'll update on those another time.