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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Quick Links

  • Design Sponge: Old Window Cold Frame - thinking about doing this for next January, because hauling my seedlings in and out of the laundry room at night really got tired (more on that sometime soon I hope). Our local ReStore could provide the elderly windows, I am sure.
  • Whole Larder Love is one of my new favorite blogs, something that made me realise just how much my attitude to food, and more importantly, hunting, has changed since moving the US.
  • Recipe time! From The Kitchn: Roasted Edamame with sea salt and cracked pepper. Extra easy when you buy the frozen shelled edamame.
  • I really want a pair of Toms shoes. More precisely this navy pair. Great for SoCal living: between stores and cars and homes, shoes don't get as much wear as they do back in the UK, and they *need* to be light enough to endure the heat here.

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