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Thursday, 17 March 2011

On Laundry

I am pretty sure that the goal of choosing how and when you wash/dry your clothes is written into the footnotes of the American Dream when you buy a house. To not deal with shared laundry facilities (where your neighbours will dump out your clothes upon the floor if you are tardy in retrieving them) or top loader washing machines (water inefficient, detrimental to clothes) forced upon you by your landlord... this is true freedom, especially in a country of growing HOA neighbourhood control*.

Laundry's a boring chore when it boils down to it, but as with many things in life, if you have a little choice and control over the matter, it can unclog the fact of it. I'm so glad we found a house with a small laundry room and enough space for a washing line, even if no one is going to fold the damn stuff for me when it's dry.

*Won't mention how this isn't even an issue in the UK. Even with the rain, this kind of issue is taken for granted to not exist.

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