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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Nature Sweeping In

Spring is hustling it's way into the garden, and this year it's brought a surge of Lesser Greenfinches that I don't remember from last year (similarly, there's less hawk activity too, I think they've moved further to the west).

When the world is falling apart for people in Japan, I am thankful that I can only make a blog post about the pretty birds in my garden, and not wreckage from my house that the earth has destroyed. That can happen here, and the media seem to enjoy stoking the fires of panic, claiming there will be a "big one" in California sooner rather than later. Seems tacky to me, a million times more tacky than any joke a comedian can make (but less tacky than the idea that any nation deserves disaster) when a country is still collecting and identifying their dead while trying to wrangle their nuclear reactors away from meltdown. 

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