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Monday, 14 February 2011

Quick Links

  • One day, far into the future, we will build an extension onto our house, one that contains a little bathroom with a full sized tub and this floating IKEA hack shelf. Functional and great looking.
  • The Yard Sale Treasure Map is an ingenious tool, scraping Craigslist and applying the listed estate/garage/yard sales to Google Maps. For people short on time during the week (like me at the moment!), this will cut down the amount of times I have to check Craigslist directly.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Finished Project: Circle Scrap Peg Bag

Making a bag to hold my clothespegs was my first project when I started crocheting - and I used acrylic yarn, unaware that most brands of this particular material stretch like no one's business when faced with the realities of gravity. Acrylic is a great material, it's just not for holding anything with any weight. Feathers yes, a hundred or so pegs? Notsomuch. (Other things I learned: black yarn is really not the best colour to start out with)

So the other night I took all my cotton scraps and made the above. I'm still struggling to make circular items without following a pattern, so armed with this Christmas present, I set forth. I think it was pretty successful, although there is still one cotton I just can't abide using again (I'm looking at you, TLC Essentials), so I only used it in the base where you don't have to look at it. The rest is a mix of Lily Sugar and Cream and Lion Brand Cotton Ease, both worthwhile additions to a yarn stash.