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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Thrifted Today

Decided today to break my thrifting abstinence and visit the small animal charity thrift store next to Fred's dojo. Good news! The people in there had organised absolutely everything: linens in ziplocs with prices and details on the front, nearly everything with tiny store-style price tags, collectible vintage sorted and displayed.

Bad news! Prices have gone up.

I don't tend to go there for anything but quality selections of t-shirts, so price hikes didn't depress me too much (it's still for a great charity dammit), and thus managed to get the two above (brand new Hanes XL t-shirts), plus a Banana Republic soft v-neck and another nondescript logo'd shirt for $1.50 each. Green tag sale that I'd neglected to note meant that one was actually $0.75! Hooray thrift store sales.

Other things bought: a plaid flannel pillowcase, a green linen tablecloth, a couple of books, a strange Japanese scarf (might upcycle the material), some containers and a wallet type item that might be useful for holding USB cables.

Total: $16. The one thing I passed over was a wonderful slightly-aged-but-properly-working scale. It was $40. Homie don't play that for something that would no doubt collect multitudes of dust and cat fur.

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