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Saturday, 22 January 2011

How does your garden grow?

January has shaped up to look a lot like this...

January 2011

A closer look at the raised bed?

It's layered with peat, homemade compost and mulch, waiting for spring (aka: when the seedlings are ready). Speaking of which, these are the results of ordering from Baker Creek:


This took two hours to organise, label and plant. Multiple types of tomatoes, watermelon, a few types of squash, strawberries, two types of pepper. These are just the smaller containers, we have bigger ones out back facing the sun too (pepper seeds need light to germinate).


I'm a bit nervous they won't all come up. It's a waiting game. While we wait, say hello to my leetle friend:

He was pretty active that day, never seen them pop their heads all the way out and stay there. He was eating the weeds, so at the moment he's less of a pest and more of a gardening friend.

And so, things keep going. Aside from the odd hurried day of mulching and planting, things stay quiet until Real Spring.

You can see the plants bouncing back after the rainstorms (my tomatoes made it through and continue to fruit). I was worried about this Jasmine plant for a while.

Still don't know what this one is.


  1. Your backyard is amazing! What a huge space. Good job on the raised bed.
    -Christine in Vancouver

  2. Yay, thanks Christine. Hopefully in a few more years it will be filled out with a shed and more raised beds. Hope you saw the pots with your seeds in (especially the Random Christine Toms one!).