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Thursday, 6 January 2011

End of the Year: Garden Downtime

I meant to post this before the year went out and got drunk and left us all with a new year and a bunch of resolutions we might never keep. But things got in the way (mostly cookies and yarn). Not very much happened in the garden after October - we could have kept a winter garden, but then rainstorms came and might well have washed it all away. The local news said that $6 million of damage was incurred to the county. Rain in Southern California is nearly as much of a threat as fire.

But anyway. Spring is looming and spitting on our car from a bridge, so it's almost time to get working again.

Sticks for the chipper

Still got a lot of twigs and sticks and branches to break down into mulch, but that's not my department. Also our wheelbarrow has a flat tyre and we can't seem to find an easy replacement from Lowes. Guess we'll have to repair it. I heard tale of rubber cement being used.

I bought some hummingbird feeders the other week. I've yet to whack them into the ground, but thankfully the hummingbirds that spend time in our garden are not fussy either way. As long as there's a tree.

Speaking of not fussy.

Gopher Holes

Yeah we still have gophers. It's not in me to have them removed, although one mythical tale of a woman's house collapsing thanks to a wild idea to flood their tunnels does spring to mind.

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