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Friday, 3 December 2010

The Pantry Bag

One of my long term projects is to take our pantry and turn it into something organised and lovely, with beautiful containers, empty floorspace and clear sight of everything. This may be an endless task - it's in constant use, and the floor clutters quicker than an American Apparel sample sale.

The first step seems to be to abolish the storage of root vegetables from plastic bags into string bags with a little bit of colour:

The pattern is free from Knitomatic  and is very simple - literally just chaining in various lengths and joining the chains to the middle of the previous row's chains. Great if you want to work on making your starting chains consistent. I think I'll be making some more! The plan is to use the small amount of wallspace inside the pantry to hang the bags vertically - when that will happen? Who knows.

Yarn used: Lily Sugar and Cream Confectionary (cotton). I bought this from someone on Ravelry, and have no idea where to actually buy it offline. It could very well be discontinued.

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