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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Baker Creek Seed Catalog

Via the Gardening subReddit*, I requested a Bakers Creek seed catalog a few days ago to help us plan the garden next year. It came yesterday morning, and I have to admit, I wasn't expecting a huge glossy magazine that would needed to be folded in half to fit in my mailbox. And it was completely free!

A look at some of the inside pages:

As you can see above: they even give you recipes! Such great inspiration while the planting season is months away. My plan is to sit down later and have a jolly good read through of all the options and hope that the seeds I'd like to use (which are heirloom and non-GMO) don't sell out before I can order some.

*something I've been following for the last 6 months, great for fast, accurate and practical vegetable growing info

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