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Monday, 15 November 2010

Quick Links

A few worthy reads from recent times:

  • Things I Found At The Thrift Store: How to donate to a Thrift Store - basic but useful information that might not be readily apparent when you visit your local.
  • I want a MacAusland blanket - "First the wool is put through a washing machine that was built in 1949 and washed with liquid soap and hot water. After the wool is washed, it weighs almost forty percent less, now that the dirt and grease are out."
  • Buy This if you love America (kitchen items) - I do love America! And I truly believe one of the best ways to support this struggling economy is to make smart purchasing decisions. Not everything made inside the country is automatically great quality, but several products, especially Anchor Hocking, are affordable and well worth the money.
  • The Frugal Girl: Chocolate Cheesecake Pie - o m g. Must convince husband to make this for me, even though he has a freakish hatred for cheesecake.

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