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Friday, 5 November 2010

The First Tomato!

The First Tomato!

OK, technically this is the second tomato, but the first one was split by the rainstorms of the other week, so this is the Official FInal Version Tomato.

Tips for growing tomatoes:

- Invest in good seedling starting soil
- Adding eggshells to the soil will help prevent Blossom End Rot
- If rainstorms approach, consider rigging up a tarp shelter to prevent fruits from splitting
- Heat is good. Heat is really rather good.

Starting tomatoes late into the season is ill-advised unless you live in a fairly warm Southern California-esque climate like I do, and I'll be planting them on time in 2011 to prepare for unpredictable weather. I'm lucky anything grew this year at all.

It's been unseasonably hot for this time of year (95-100 degrees Fahrenheit) since Monday, which seems to have led an explosion of new tomatoes on the five or so vines I'm keeping alive. At the last count I saw 7 - not counting the two poorly ones that ended up being carted off to the compost pile.

(Also there have been very few new caterpillars. For this, I am glad.)

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