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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Don't let your cat eat yarn: a cautionary tale

In short, it can leave them with a bunched up intestinal tract (linear blockages are life threatening), and you with a $3000 emergency vets bill. Thankfully Dandelion is the sensible, chilled out animal in our household, and hasn't needed to wear that cone during the day when we can supervise her.

But what is that you say? Is that a new crochet project? WHY YES IT IS!

This was originally intended to be an Acorn Shrug of some sorts, but when I finally, finally, got to the end of multiple rows of double and half double crochet (an epic feat, let me tell you), it just wouldn't sit on my shoulders right. Which is odd, because I have pretty broad shoulders. So now it's just a blanket. But it's a fine blanket, one I can take pride in and put out when the Queen comes to visit.

Material specs: 8 balls of Lion Brand Wool-Ease (worsted weight) + too many hours.
Total cost: less than $20

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