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Monday, 25 October 2010

When The Rain Comes


Boysenberry Bush (rainy edition)

Droplet Spiderweb

Water from the sky! It continues! I thought we'd be done for a while, and the gardening could really get started, but I woke this morning to rainfall. Thanks to all this moisture, the free expanse of garden is exploding dangerously into green, making even more work for the upcoming month.

October 2010, take 2

This time we're prepared, with lawnmowers and weedwhackers and knowledge of the invasive plants.

Yesterday Fred finished building his soil sifter out of scrap wood (leftovers from previous people and our own projects) and mesh bought from Home Depot. It's quite impressive now, albeit simple.

Soil Sifter

It's main purpose is to help sift the garbage from the trash pile at the bottom of the garden that was so helpfully left by previous residents/contractors. I want the whole thing sorted, dispersed and gone by the time Spring arrives (whereupon it will be time to build proper raised beds for food that will feed us). I comfort myself in the knowledge that we've managed to save a lot of good things (clothes hanger, mangled metal garden fence) from it that certain people inexplicably thought weren't worth reusing. So there should be nothing left but bugs, concrete blocks and soil.

If we're lucky.

(No more black widow spiders please!)

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