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Monday, 18 October 2010

October Garden

October 2010 Garden

So the garden tends to lay dormant in terms of changes for the months of summer - June until September comes with unbearable heat - but back in March spring was swinging, and a neighbour had to intervene to help with the grass. Right now, everything is powering down from the summer, rains have come to visit for a week, and thus we're getting a little green back in our lives.

Uh Oh

Sometimes this is not great, and we're in need of a little weedwhacking already. A lot of unwanted plantlife that grew during spring is now very brittle and pokey (and not fire safe), but this is why we have two mulch piles on the go, a rake and multiple compost bins.

Apricot Leaves

We started a second zucchini plant about 6 weeks ago, but it hasn't yielded much except some very lovely, bright flowers. My tomatoes, although planted late, are fruiting - although I'm not entirely sure if they're going to get to their full beefsteaky size, or will remain stunted and green.


But the recycled celery stump is thriving! Next time you buy a bunch of celery (as opposed to the ones where the sticks are already separated), cut the stump off, and plant it a pot. Little bit of water, some good soil, and it should start growing.

Celery (+1)

A word of warning however: caterpillars really like to chew on celery. Two of them managed to decimate the leaves (the ones sticking out the furthest) over one night. I was not best pleased and they were promptly dismissed to the apricot tree.

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