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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Garden Odds and Ends


By the time I got to this guy, it had already lost an eye and a leg and was half dead. I'm not sure if Dandelion did that (probably not, but still possible), but I put him out for the birds to make use of. I'm still amazed when I see insects this big - seems impossible!


I've been periodically and inexpertly pruning this Pink Lemonade Honeysuckle over the last few months, just trying to discard the horrible dry sticks that don't look great. There's an old bird's nest in the center, and hummingbirds/bees love the flowers, so I'm doing my best to achieve the perfect balance of preserving the organism without letting it get too unpleasant again.

Trash Pile Progress

Heap on the left used to be twice as tall. Mulberry tree trunk in the centre, destroyed tree to the right. We took the house on knowing about the trashed state of the garden, and luckily there's been more to salvage than throw away.

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