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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Awesome Neighbours

We have awesome neighbours! Yesterday the people on the right filled in the gaps on the wall we share, and today the man from the left came and MOWED OUR LAWN FOR US. He has one of those cool, uber-suburban Hank Hill type red riding mowers, and I guess he felt sorry for our pitiful attempts to deal with the back garden.


One Lawn Mowed.

I'd post a before picture but it's hard to display the height and hell of the weeds in photographic form. But now we can properly cultivate the bottom of the yard. Where there are big spreading trees (that probably need pruning back now) and two citrus trees (and bees):

Beneath the Tree


Other things grow too:


I like the clever spider that's set up a web right near the new red rose that has suddenly spread open:

Red Rose!

Because there are enough bees to go around.

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