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Saturday, 18 September 2010

100 Skeins of Yarn

100.5 skeins of yarn

I think I must have been crocheting for at least six months now, and Craigslist is becoming an invaluable source for picking up unwanted yarn at ridiculous prices (protip: the Android app for phones gives the site much more of a narrow focus). Today's haul was supposed to be priced at 50 cents a skein, but came out at much lower thanks to the generous man running the sale throwing in computer games, cutting boards, other miscellaneous bits and a couple of books for $55. I could have taken more yarn, but I had a limit! Limits are important! Saving over $250 is enough for me.

One of the unfortunate sides of hitting estate sales as opposed to regular moving or garage sales, is that while they usually have some great vintage items, they also tend to be the Stuff of people who have passed away. This one was no exception, and via email the chap had told me about his wife that had passed on from throat cancer last year. It was a little sad, especially seeing her clothes hung out for people to look through. He told me about how this was his third sale, and he had plenty more ahead of him. But he also talked about how they had their time, and he was sure she was sticking around somewhere.

So: Carol, thanks for the yarn! You sounded like a lovely lady, and I hope you're at peace.

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