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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Thrifting Picks

A Saturday with no obligations makes for a few hours searching for house items.

My aims were: doorknobs, a tablecloth and some kind of map - and all were achieved!

I could not believe my luck when it came to the USSR-era globe - I spent at least a minute in front of it before noticing. The tablecloth we found matches the napkins in the photograph above, it's just at a poor angle on the clothesline for photograph... and maybe a little out there in pattern and colour. It will have to be seen in situ to be believed. I'm not sure I even believe in it right now. Other finds included a solid wood tray (great for tea!), a stack of CDs (Final Fantasy soundtracks!), some quality t-shirts and a bucket of sidewalk chalk. I love this particular Goodwill, so if you're in the east of San Diego county stop by.

re: the doorknobs! We also visited our local Habitat for Humanity store, whereupon I rummaged for doorknobs for the second bathroom cupboard doors, and found two for a dollar each. The outdoor rug in the background of the book photograph above was also bought there today, for a mere $25. Nice and hardwearing/scratchy for the cats.

All in all, a productive and ecofriendly afternoon of adding to the house.

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