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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Rice Sack > Plastic Bag

Rice Bag = Yarn Holder!

This afternoon has mostly been spent cleaning out our office closet - something that was very much still suffering the after effects of moving. But that was back in October, so after a bit of in and out, I'm pretty much done. Found this forgotten rice sack behind a box (we go through a lot of rice in our house), and discovered it makes a much better container for yarn than Michaels plastic bags. The way they're built, the yarn stuff them tight and keeps them upright. If I was really smart, I'd start stuffing my scrap material into one to turn into a comfortable outdoor pillow. But I think it might be a little too noisy for pillow usage.

Didn't blog this at the time, but last weekend I cut the first cucumber off the plants and ate it:

Cucumber #1

It was pretty good. Perfect size for a salad - one whole cucumber used, with no leftovers to forget about in the fridge. These might not make it to the pickling jar.

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