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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Fruits and Growth

This week we noticed the apricots were visible from the house, and began picking them. I don't think I've ever had an apricot in non-jam/yogurt form, let alone straight from a tree. They're not very sweet, but quite juicy. Apricot tree, we shall take care of you this year in order to provide for the next.


Meanwhile, the tomato seedlings are springing forth. I think the mistakes I made the first time were using inferior seeds, not giving them a bountiful enough container and just not fertilising enough. This photo is after I topped up the soil - I water them every morning and they get at least 12 hours of sun per day.


The cucumbers are probably the happiest plant in the garden. The ones in the terracotta planter are doing well in comparison to the (unseen) tub to the left.


I'll put this down to successful thinning and being a few inches closer to the sun. You may notice the string - I'm going to tease the plants to grow around the string, ensuring maximum organisation and downward hanging cucumbers. The unseen tub is relegated to experimental status - I'll probably remove a few more plants and hope for the best.

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