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Friday, 30 July 2010

More Green

Bits and pieces from the garden this week. Despite the daytime wilting, the cucumbers are finally producing flowers and fruit. Loving the vibrant yellow flowers against the rather faded gold of the rest of the garden.


The Boysenberry bushes have taken to the soil well. Not pictured here are the berries that started pushing out  in the last few days. We weren't expecting them until next year! I will have a very tiny drink of berry juice when they are ripe.

Boysenberry Flower

I figured yesterday that it was time to dig up the potatoes. The first lot of potatoes were disappointing (tiny!)... and as an added bonus I found this monstrosity wriggling in the soil around the roots


Gaaaah! I was horrified. I thought it could be a deformed baby gopher or gigantic larvae. But thanks to the gracious wisdom of the internet, I am no longer ignorant! It's a moth cocoon! Not coincidentally, it was underneath the potato plant that had lost all it's leaves a few weeks earlier. Now I'm just sad I missed the giant caterpillar. I put some soil in a plant container and gave the cocoon a safer home near butterfly friendly plants, and fingers crossed, I'm going to catch it emerging on camera.

Last but not least, half an hour ago, I found a tiny dragon protecting my cucumber plants from evil:

peanut baby lizard time

It's baby lizard season! Pray for them, it's an active garden with many predators.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

My First Pancake

Things I did: find a great recipe

First Ever Pancake

Things I did not: look to see how you're supposed to pour the batter onto the pan
When I realised this: as I was pouring the batter onto the pan

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Fruits and Growth

This week we noticed the apricots were visible from the house, and began picking them. I don't think I've ever had an apricot in non-jam/yogurt form, let alone straight from a tree. They're not very sweet, but quite juicy. Apricot tree, we shall take care of you this year in order to provide for the next.


Meanwhile, the tomato seedlings are springing forth. I think the mistakes I made the first time were using inferior seeds, not giving them a bountiful enough container and just not fertilising enough. This photo is after I topped up the soil - I water them every morning and they get at least 12 hours of sun per day.


The cucumbers are probably the happiest plant in the garden. The ones in the terracotta planter are doing well in comparison to the (unseen) tub to the left.


I'll put this down to successful thinning and being a few inches closer to the sun. You may notice the string - I'm going to tease the plants to grow around the string, ensuring maximum organisation and downward hanging cucumbers. The unseen tub is relegated to experimental status - I'll probably remove a few more plants and hope for the best.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Thrifting Weekend

One estate sale + one trip to Goodwill might result in things like a 1946 housekeeping book...

Homemaker's Cookbook

...scrap skeins of yarn for a future blanket...

Yarn Scraps

...or a relic of the 1960s.

1960s World Atlas

If you find yourself idly skimming your local big box store for deals, turn the hobby into something a little more environmentally friendly, and hit up your local thrift store or garage sale. There are gems.