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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Overexposure is Hardcore

Spring is definitely on it's way out, the grass is dying off, leaving only the nasty type that sticks it's seeds in your clothes and your cats. Meanwhile, things keep growing! And we keep planning for more growing.

We had to change the tyres on the car recently, so I made my husband save them in order to repurpose them into potato growing factories. Much better than paying for new containers.

Future Potato Farmers

I chose this spot in the garden because, after attempting to pull weeds here, I discovered the ground is rock solid and dried out. Nothing has grown back in a month, not even weeds. It's annoying and sad, this is one of the spots of the yard that has yet to be worked over properly.

Elsewhere, the second crop of potatoes is coming through nicely:

second crop of potatoes

As are the apricots...


...and the limes.

the limes keep growing

I'd have pictures of budding persimmons and tangerines, but it's midday, and the overexposure is hardcore. So here is a bird instead:

Yet to find out what kind of bird this is, but they catch a crapload of bugs in our yard, and only rolled up in the last month or so. Off to What Bird to get a name (click through to my Flickr, I'll post it there).