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Monday, 1 March 2010

Garden Progress

There's a lot to do in a garden as big as the one we have (despite it being dwarfed by nearly every other neighbouring one). Aside from managing the weeds and grass and flowers, we've started work on an area that we're giving over to growing hops.


When we started digging here, we came across a huge amount of rocks buried a few inches beneath the ground, which stalled developing the area a little. I doubt we've pulled out every rock under the surface, but for now we have a rock-free area in which to plant exciting things.

The Rock Pile

The varying rocks in the foreground are yanked out from the trash pile at the foot of the garden - the other goal I have before summer hits is to clear this out, salvage the wood and rocks/pebbles and anything else I can find (the most interesting discovery so far is a red cat collar. It probably belongs to Loki the neighbour cat). I can't stand the thought of that pile festering, because if we're not proactive about it, it's going to be there forever.

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