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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Awesome Neighbours

We have awesome neighbours! Yesterday the people on the right filled in the gaps on the wall we share, and today the man from the left came and MOWED OUR LAWN FOR US. He has one of those cool, uber-suburban Hank Hill type red riding mowers, and I guess he felt sorry for our pitiful attempts to deal with the back garden.


One Lawn Mowed.

I'd post a before picture but it's hard to display the height and hell of the weeds in photographic form. But now we can properly cultivate the bottom of the yard. Where there are big spreading trees (that probably need pruning back now) and two citrus trees (and bees):

Beneath the Tree


Other things grow too:


I like the clever spider that's set up a web right near the new red rose that has suddenly spread open:

Red Rose!

Because there are enough bees to go around.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Nature Attack!

Spring has definitely sprung. Sunday woke us up with the sound of this:

The Murder of the Hawk Tree

That's the tree the hawks hang out in. I was afraid a lack of that high perch might have driven them away (or that they were nesting!!!) but I heard them again this morning as they circled the neighbourhood. I can't blame the neighbours for getting rid of it - if it had fallen in the high winds we had the other week, it could have damaged several houses. It was pretty tall.

The clothesline is even more efficient now we're regularly hitting temperatures over 70F. When it peaks over 75F, everything dries within the hour.

Washing Line

Birds birds birds. I can't work out if there are many of these, or just two of them that get around a fair bit. Also, I like silhouettes.

Last but not least, this posse of Western Fence Lizards has been turning up regularly between 10am and 4pm, sucking up the sun and bugs. These guys are very much encouraged, especially if they crowd out the population of Black Widow spiders that are trying to reside at the end of our porch.

Lizards that Lunch

If you look carefully (or click through to flickr and view larger) you can see the blue patch on the chin of one of them - they're all males. I'm hoping for lots of baby lizards this year.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Grows On

The struggle to tame the garden continues - I have an encroaching tan. The trees are blooming, something good to see when the roots could have been damaged by the way the seller turned over the garden for potential buyers.


Newness (2)

The grass is my worst enemy. The seeds have infiltrated everywhere, and picking this out of the roots of rose bushes is not fun.

The Grasses

Something unexpected:

Death In the End

The to do list is not as short as I would like it. But we'll get there in the end.


Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Backyard Beasts

Today was finally as hot as it should be - 80-82 degrees. After chores and food cooking, I spent most of the day sat on the porch, watching cats and birds and lizards come and go. When the sun starts to sink (around 3pm, although it doesn't fully set until 7pm) it's the hottest part of the day, and I retreated inside. The house has managed to stay at a cool 65ish, which bodes well for the summer! And is exactly why we bought it.

View from the Second Bedroom

The Kitchen had a pet snail


Dandelion Meets the Neighbours


I love living here.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Garden Progress

There's a lot to do in a garden as big as the one we have (despite it being dwarfed by nearly every other neighbouring one). Aside from managing the weeds and grass and flowers, we've started work on an area that we're giving over to growing hops.


When we started digging here, we came across a huge amount of rocks buried a few inches beneath the ground, which stalled developing the area a little. I doubt we've pulled out every rock under the surface, but for now we have a rock-free area in which to plant exciting things.

The Rock Pile

The varying rocks in the foreground are yanked out from the trash pile at the foot of the garden - the other goal I have before summer hits is to clear this out, salvage the wood and rocks/pebbles and anything else I can find (the most interesting discovery so far is a red cat collar. It probably belongs to Loki the neighbour cat). I can't stand the thought of that pile festering, because if we're not proactive about it, it's going to be there forever.